Counting and Filling Machines Designed and Manufactured in Great Britain

Fully Automated Tablet Counters Custom Made to Suit your Companies needs.

King is an established Machine Builder with over 15000 machines installed Worldwide.

An Ideal Filling Solutions for Capsules, Tablets, Dragees and Most Irregular Tablet Shapes.

King is a full service integrator and has extensive expertise in Tablet and Capsule Counting.

Designed specially for Counting and Filling High Value Pharma Type Products.

30th March 2016

28th March 2016

4th March 2016

19th March 2016

We manufacture  a range of eleven machines designed to suit your products from semi-automatic counting and filling systems to fully automatic high speed production packaging lines.

Slat Fillers are a well proven method of counting all shapes and sizes of compressed tablets, dragees and soft and hard gelatine capsules at speed.

Slat Counters operate at much higher production throughputs than Electronic Channel Counters and within a much smaller floors space footprint.

King are a leading manufacturer of counting machinery for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry Applications providing a Complete Turnkey Solution.

Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Product Vision Scan and Verification Safety System.

Fully-Automatic Counting and Bottle Filling machines by C.E.King Limited UK

Fully Customizable Machines with a big range of Slat Spares and Tooling Accessories.

1st March 2015

2nd April 2016

8th April 2016

8th April 2016

With a large touch screen and intuitive menu system the King Slat Fillers a best in class solution designed specifically with the operator in mind.

Inspection of the product and confirmation of count accuracy is achieved using an electronic scanning system. Each tablet slat is checked and an incorrectly filled containers are rejected.

King Slat Counters are a flexible counting and filling solution ideal for contract packers and production environments where many different types of products are handled.

King SlatFillers can be configured with electronic scanning and automatic container rejection system for missing tablets, positive tablet ejection and timing screw container handling.

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